Welcome Josephine Kao

Posted on Posted in 2011

I am very pleased to welcome Josephine Kao to the blog team!

Josephine competed at the national spelling bee for four years, 2006-2009, the same years that I participated. After developing an acquaintance, we became fast friends. She has been a good friend of mine ever since we met at the bee. One of the many great benefits of participating in the spelling bees is something that is invaluable – FRIENDS!!

Josephine was one of the best spellers of my time. Deeply involved in the arts, she was a grand-prize winner in the “Stop Bullying” national poster contest and a UNICEF card contest winner. She has also been playing piano since the age of four and recently took up the harp. Josephine skates on a synchronized figure skating team and her team recently qualified for the National US Figure Skating Synchronized championship!! Congratulations Josephine!

Please welcome Josephine!!!

~ Kavya

4 thoughts on “Welcome Josephine Kao

  1. Friends are one of the best things about the SNSB… I’m eager to see what Josephine has to say on your blog. Keep up the good work! I’m enjoying your posts!

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