The Much Awaited Finals…

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The Finals are just about to start!!

The finalists are 13 strong contenders:

Speller No. 24, Laura Newcombe
Speller No. 25, Veronica Penny
Speller No. 29, Dhivya Senthil Murugan
Speller No. 98, Lily Jordan
Speller No. 141, Dakota Jones
Speller No. 151, Nabeel Rahman
Speller No. 152, Sriram Hathwar
Speller No. 157, Arvind Mahankali
Speller No. 168, Prakash Mishra
Speller No. 206, Joanna Ye
Speller No. 214, Sukanya Roy
Speller No. 237, Mashad Arora
Speller No. 264, Samuel Estep

Good Luck to all of the spellers!

It was unfortunate to see Nicholas Rushlow and David Phan miss in the round before the finals. David Phan was very strong in his knowledge of Greek roots, but atleast we will hopefully see Nicholas again next year!

Much to my dismay, I missed Rounds 6 and 7 because I had Driver’s Ed class. TheĀ first thing I did when I returned was to watch the recording of the final two semi-final rounds. The competition was incredibly intriguingĀ and it will get that much more intense tonight.

Again, good luck to all of the spellers! They are all amazing and will do great!

Let the finals begin…

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