Suspension of Coaching Classes

Posted on Posted in 2017

As you may know, we have been coaching for about a year now. Having received numerous requests for coaching in the past, we finally decided last year that we would want to share our knowledge in a structured manner. We spent a long time crafting the structure, and decided that we would donate the proceeds to charity. As we held our classes in a semester set up, we had the opportunity to meet a number of sharp spellers whom we are certain to see on the National stage in the next several years.

However, despite this past year having been incredible and getting to meet and mentor so many wonderful children, we have decided to discontinue our coaching classes after the Summer 2017 Semester. This is due to my dad’s traveling job – he travels Monday to Friday every week and he is only getting busier. I am also getting a lot more involved at school and other extracurricular activities. Together, we have been finding ourselves in a situation of being unable to input as much time and attention as these classes and all of our students require.

Although we are discontinuing our coaching, we will still blog and hope to give advice in any way possible. We are in the process of selecting a charity, and we will be sure to update all of you on the charity of our choice as we proceed with the donation. We hope you stay tuned for more information regarding upcoming spelling endeavors.

We understand that this may have come as a surprise or disappointment to you, but we truly hope you understand our decision. To contact us, you can still email us at

Good luck to all spellers in the future!!


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