Congratulations Swetha Jasti!

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Congratulations to Swetha Jasti!

Swetha Jasti won the 2011 Olathe District Spelling Bee and will be representing The Olathe News at the national contest to be held in Virgina from May 31st to June 2nd 2011. We have known Swetha and her family for almost a decade and they are very good friends of ours.  She has been competing at the District Bee for a while now, and continually placed in the top even back when Kavya was competing.  She is another example of sheer persistence and has certainly worked determinedly to prepare for the spelling bees and to claim the well-deserved trophy. Her win was a very emotional moment for her and her family, and watching the tears well up in her eyes  as she accepted the trophy was heart-warming. The runner up at this year’s district bee was also the runner up back in 2008.

During the past 4 years, The Olathe District Spelling Bee has stretched for a long time and has even gone up to 45 rounds. Last year the kids almost exhausted the words and it appeared as if the organizers were prepared to declare co-champions. Given this history, the bee organizers started off with difficult words this year, making it “brutally” difficult to some of the contenders. After just the third round, the field had narrowed down to 6 from a total of 44 that started the bee.

There were certainly a handful of kids at this district bee that were of national caliber and all of them put up a tough fight. Although Swetha may be participating at the 2011 Scripps National Spelling Bee for the first time, she is not only an experienced “bee”, but she has shaken off a tough regional competition that makes her one who is going to perform well at the national event.

Swetha – We wish you the very best!!!!

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2 thoughts on “Congratulations Swetha Jasti!

  1. If there’s one rule I’d wish to change in the Bee, it’d be the rule which disallows former Champions from participating again, because I want to see Kavya participating at the Bee. I was watching the Bee at home in India when I saw Kavya beat everyone and I was like, ” I’m gonna see this again next year.” To my disappointment, she wasn’t there in the participants’ list 🙁

    I think the Spelling Bee is among the events in the USA which is fiercely competitive like almost all the events in India! It was amazing to see the same kind of competition that I faced when I was preparing for the IIT-JEE.

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