Picking Up The Baton

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I’ve written quite a few posts about our spelling journey, and how everything progressed during the 10+ years we were involved in the Scripps Bee. However, this is a story that stays true to my heart and exemplifies the end of one of my daughter’s spelling experience and the beginning of the other’s.

The Much Awaited Finals…

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The Finals are just about to start!! The finalists are 13 strong contenders: Speller No. 24, Laura Newcombe Speller No. 25, Veronica Penny Speller No. 29, Dhivya Senthil Murugan Speller No. 98, Lily Jordan Speller No. 141, Dakota Jones Speller No. 151, Nabeel Rahman Speller No. 152, Sriram Hathwar Speller No. 157, Arvind Mahankali Speller […]