2011 Bee: Round 5 Report

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Round 5 begins with 35 spellers. Unfortunately, the first speller of the round, Snigdha Nandipati misspelled her word kerystic after substituting an ‘i’ for the ‘y’. Again Laura and Veronica cruised through their words theopneustic and arbustum, with Veronica taking her time as usual to ensure that she gets the word right.

Spelling Dynasties

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Participation of siblings in the Scripps National Spelling Bee is not uncommon. Every year, after the registrations are completed, National Spelling Bee publishes the statistics on siblings and relatives of previous participants. Being exposed to the bee only in the past decade, I can name quite a few siblings who have participated at the national […]

Congratulations Swetha Jasti!

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Congratulations to Swetha Jasti! Swetha Jasti won the 2011 Olathe District Spelling Bee and will be representing The Olathe News at the national contest to be held in Virgina from May 31st to June 2nd 2011. We have known Swetha and her family for almost a decade and they are very good friends of ours.  […]

Welcome Josephine Kao

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I am very pleased to welcome Josephine Kao to the blog team! Josephine competed at the national spelling bee for four years, 2006-2009, the same years that I participated. After developing an acquaintance, we became fast friends. She has been a good friend of mine ever since we met at the bee. One of the many […]