The BeeFather

Mirle Shivashankar

Online Coaching

After receiving numerous requests to coach, we are finally started the spelling coaching classes during Summer of 2016. Money from these coaching sessions will be donated towards a noble cause which is to be determined soon. We hope you look into this and we too are excited to see what comes.

Coaching Details - Small Groups

For students to be admitted to the roster, there is a pre-requisite. Once the request for coaching is received, we will be scheduling an assessment session during which we require that the student and a parent are present. This free, 30 minute session is held to assess the speller's current level of expertise in spelling and understand their goals. The assessment will also help in aligning the students with a similar level of experience in the same group.

Coaching sessions will be 45 - 90 minute group classes that are held in a virtual classroom on the weekends. Specific times / lengths of these sessions will vary and are based on the student’s level of experience, which will be determined during the assessment.

This opportunity is available on a first come first served basis. As stated before, the acceptance depends on the student's goals and commitment to spelling. This is to ensure that each student gets the most out of the sessions and can progress well in a friendly, learning environment.

There is a nominal fee for each class and it will vary based on the level and duration of the session.

Summer Semester Registration

Summer Semester registration is now open! We are at the tail end of a very successful 12 week Spring semester and are excited to open up registration for our Summer semester. Registration closes on May 8th, and the final roster of the Summer Semester will be determined then.n If interested, please contact as soon as possible to schedule an assessment session and/or with any questions. Assessments will be scheduled during late April and early May. We will not be accepting any students once registration is closed.